FAQ on ÈSPRESSO®1882 capsules

1) Can Èspresso®1882 capsules be used in all Nespresso®* machines?
Capsules compatible with the Èspresso1882 Trè and coffee machines for home use manufactured by Nespresso®*.
2) Even if I've chosen Èspresso®1882 can I still use Nespresso®* capsules in my Nespresso®* coffee machine?
Of course. The machine will keep working with both types of capsules.
3) Can I use Èspresso®1882 capsules in other machines?
Of course. Caffè Vergnano has created a machine that uses Èspresso®1882 capsules: TRÈ. In oak and available in three colours, it has been specially designed to produce the best result in a coffee cup. Find out more about it on our website, in the section specially created for it!
4) Is it easy to buy Èspresso®1882 capsules?
It certainly is. Èspresso®1882 capsules are sold in the biggest supermarket and hypermarket chains all over Italy and in Eataly's main outlets as well as other selected retailers (see the complete list in our "Sales Stores" section). They are also available from our e-commerce website.
5) Can Èspresso®1882 capsules be bought on the Internet too?
Yes. As of December 2012 you can buy both Èspresso®1882 capsules and our brand new TRÈ coffee machine from this e-commerce website. Our capsules can also be easily found in supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Italy.
6) Are Èspresso®1882 capsules biodegradable?
Èspresso®1882 capsules are biodegradable but not compostable; they should be treated as non-recyclable waste.
7) Do Èspresso®1882 capsules sometimes require more pressure on the Nespresso®* coffee machine's lever?
This may be the case. This can happen due to the different seals used in these two capsules whereby some machines require extra pressure on the lever. This does not affect the machine's performance both with Èspresso®1882 capsules and Nespresso®* ones.

FAQ on TRÈ coffee machine

1) Does TRÈ only work with ÈSPRESSO®1882 capsules or does it work with other capsules too?
TRÈ only uses ÈSPRESSO®1882 capsules.
2) Where can I buy a TRÈ?
From our website www.espresso1882.com, in most Caffè Vergnano 1882 Coffee Shops and from retailers listed in our "Sales Stores" section on our website.
3) Where can I buy ÈSPRESSO®1882 capsules?
In most supermarket and hypermarket chains throughout Italy and in the cafés and retailers listed in our "Sales Stores" section on the website www.espresso1882.com
4) Can I insert a larger cup or only coffee cups in the machine?
Yes, the drip tray is adjustable and allows you to use cups of different heights.
5) What happens if I forget to turn off the machine?
The machine will switch over to stand-by mode after nine minutes. It can go back to dispensing coffee just a few seconds after you turn it back on by pressing the ON/OFF button.
6) Can TRÈ make foamy milk for cappuccinos as well?
No, it can't. At Caffè Vergnano we think the best way to make a latte or cappuccino is to use a separate milk frother.
7) Can the machine dispense hot water?
No, it can't.
8) Can I programme the machine to make caffè lungo or caffè ristretto?
No, you can't. To dispense the kind of coffee you want, just press the button until you get the quantity of coffee you want each time.
9) How do I clean the machine's wooden sides?
The sides can be cleaned with the same products used to clean wooden furnishings.
10) How do I clean the used capsule container, the tank and the drip tray? Can I put them in the dishwasher?
You can rinse them under running water or put them in the dishwasher.
11) Do I have to remove limescale regularly? If so, where can I buy a limescale removal kit?
To prevent limescale build-up, you can use a non-toxic or non-harmful limescale remover for coffee machines, easily found on sale.
12) What to do if the machine doesn't dispense the coffee:
Run the 3 dispensing cycles with the empty capsule supplied; or check that the water tank is fitted correctly.
13) What to do if the water doesn't come out of the dispenser but runs straight into the drip tray:
There is no capsule; or the machine could be overheated. After making 50 coffees in a row the machine is probably overheated.
14) What to do if the led doesn't come on:
Check that the plug is in the socket and that the machine is switched on; if the led stays off, checks that the machine dispenses the coffee. Contact the servicing department.
15) Why does the led flash intermittently?
The led flashes during the heating phase and stops flashing when the machine is ready to dispense the coffee. If the machine is not used for 9 minutes, it enters standby mode and flashes intermittently; to reuse the machine, switch it off and on again.
16) What maintenance does the machine require?
The water tank must always be full, otherwise the machine doesn't dispense coffee; the water must be changed every day to obtain good coffee; it is necessary to use a lime filter inside the water tank; after 12-14 dispensing cycles it is necessary to empty the capsule and drip tray; the machine must be cleaned frequently: plastic parts can be washed with a sponge or in the dishwasher, while parts containing electric circuits must not be soaked in water. If the machine is not used for a while, repeat the initial washing cycles. For further details, contact the servicing department.
17) Is the use of a lime filter compulsory?
No, but Caffè Vergnano recommends use of a filter as the accumulation of lime in the circuits could cause damage which is not covered by warranty.
18) Is the coffee dispensed automatically?
No, it is necessary to stop the dispensing cycle using the stop button after dispensing the amount required.
19) What should I do if the lever resists closure?
Check that the capsule is correctly inserted.
20) What should I do if water leaks out from under the water tank?
Check that the water tank is fitted correctly.
21) Why does the machine overheat?
The machine is designed for domestic use. If it is used constantly it could stop dispensing coffee. In this case, switch off the machine and open the lever to cool it.
22) Why can I not insert the capsule?
Check that the lever is completely raised.
23) Why does water leak out from under the machine?
Ensure that the capsule tray is fitted perfectly.
24) Are capsules for soluble and/or other beverages (tea, camomile,...) available?
No, at the moment there are no plans to produce them.
25) Who supplies technical assistance?
Technical assistance is supplied by specialised staff in the Caffè Vergnano servicing department.
26) Is it normal for steam to come out when I lift the lever?
Yes. Steam is generated by the high power of the machine's pump, which allows it to make hot coffee.
27) Why is the power cable of Trè machines in the black and white versions, red?
Caffè Vergnano design department did this purposely to add a vintage touch to the machine. If you prefer a classic style, we recommend the Trè machine in the wood finish, which has a black cable.
28) Why is the coffee not hot enough?
In this case, we recommend waiting until the led stops flashing (only then will the machine be ready to dispense coffee) and preheating your cup (just fill it with hot water from the kitchen tap) to obtain the perfect espresso.

* This brand is not owned by Caffè Vergnano S.p.a. nor by any of its associated companies.

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